Irvin Lighting Solutions LED Products

Sign Box Retro LED Lighting

Irvin offers a range of lighting solutions to convert existing internally lit sign boxes from fluorescents and metal halides to LEDs. Qwik Stiks and corn lights offer versatile change-out options that are easy to install and tailored to box depths, face substrates and original lighting configurations regardless of sign size.


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Linear and Spot LED Lighting

Irvin’s linear and spot lights are ideal for signage down lighting. Enhance business signage with a broad range of sizing and color options, as well as bracket combinations with swivels to ensure best coverage from top to bottom and our versatile selection will work from vintage to modern.


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Billboard LED Lighting


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Parking Lot/Roadway LED Lighting

Parking lots and roadways, where energy consumption is constant and substantial, offer some of the best opportunities for bottom line savings. Let Irvin’s quick ROI calculator help with the math. And rest easy, knowing that our sleek full-fixture options and retro-fit kits are backed by some of the industry’s best warranties.


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Canopy/Parking garage LED Lighting

Irvin’s gas station canopy and parking garage lighting options are vast. And like other applications where fixture hours are high, reliable products are paramount to long-term savings. Our units are manufactured to the highest of standards by some of the best names in LED lighting.


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Sports Area LED Lighting

Precise beam controls needed for sports lighting applications can be challenging. Excellent thermal management is also mission critical on high wattage units. Irvin solutions meet these challenges head on with the best in the industry. Our project-specific optic configurations ensure the correct lighting coverage for the application, every time.


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Flood and Wall Wash LED Lighting

Our flood lights and wall washers service a wide range of applications that require a variety of optics and lumen outputs. Irvin’s solutions are varied to meet the many requirements needed for countless settings and our numerous styles and options ensure that no matter the style of your application, we'll have a match for it.


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High Bay LED Lighting

Ideal for large settings that need bright illumination and long-lasting quality, our high bay options are perfect for warehouses, factories, gymnasiums and many other cavernous spaces. Both retro-fit kits and full-fixture alternatives mean the perfect setup to meet your unique applications and budget.


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Gooseneck LED Lighting

Originally used for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications in the early 1900s, goosenecks have made a comeback. Their vintage look is appealing in many of today’s designs so we have worked diligently to offer a broad range of style and color options.


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Wall Pack LED Lighting

Wall packs increase security and accent building aesthetics. Many profile options are available to offer optimal light output for different settings and to blend well with construction design and architectural elements regardless of style.


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Post Top LED Lighting

Our versatile options for decorative street lighting include full fixtures and unique retro-fit kits. For projects where current fixtures are well maintained but energy savings are sought, our kits utilize unique finial or Y bracket attachments. And our full-fixture selections can meet any project’s architectural styling requirements.


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High mast LED Lighting

LEDs make great sense in the world of high masts. With products tailored specific to tall pole mountings, our offerings reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and also work to directionalize output and minimize light pollution to surrounding areas which in many areas of the country is becoming more and more important.


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Reasons for a LED retrokit or LED full fixture:

There are numerous pros and cons in choosing a LED retrokit and/or a LED full fixture changeout.

  • Typically a LED retrokit will cost less than a LED full fixture.

  • A LED full fixture often provides for a completely different look aesthetically.

  • Both options can provide the same amount of savings in power, maintenace and rebates.

  • Typically the ROI is quicker using a LED retrokit since the upfront cost is normally less.